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    Just like it says I’ve never been any good at this blogging thing but we’ll see how this goes now that I have my own legit piece of internet real estate. I just up-dated the site today for the first  time after theabbsman.com was first officially up and running on the internet. Exciting news! Now the gallery pages should work on all browsers. Previously if you were one of the handfulla people who had peeped my site using Firefox for some reason the default iWeb picture viewer wouldn’t even bother to show up. Now the new and improved gallery pages have a much simpler and more clickier interface with little preview thumbnails of all the pieces you can click on to view one at a time at your leisure. The only thing I need to figure out now is why the blog button isn’t working properly when using the Safari browser? Other than that I think the site it done for now. If you’ve checked out the site and found yourself here thanks for taking a look around and check back early and often for updates and new work.

    2 Responses to “Internet Real Estate!”

    1. ArencyTycle says:

      You web site is great!!

    2. jews says:


      Site updates : The Abbs Man’s Abblog…

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