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    That’s right if you look hard enough I made the cut and got dropped into this weeks new issue of The Avengers from Marvel Comics, Issue #2. Since they re-launched all the Avengers books after the whole Siege dealy-o they’ve had this “I Am An Avenger!” marketing campaign. If you submitted a photo at iamanavenger.com you might just win the chance to be featured in one of these books. Just for the heck of it I tossed my photo in the pot to see what would happen and BAM there I am! Tony and I decided that as an Avenger my power would be using my shifty eyed glance to make bad guys feel uneasy. It’d be a I’d set em up, they’d knock em down kinda deal. Dr. Doom better look out cause here comes The Abbs Man!!!

    (…I’ll also gladly sign any copies of Avengers issue #2 “year book” style if asked Nicely ^_~)

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