AbbsMan’s Abbslog: Site blog dedicated to keeping readers up to date on new work, appearances, and releases. You can view it HERE.

The Boston Gastronauts: Food blog with my friend Che that includes illustrations, photos, and videos of us eating the most bizarre things we could find around the city of Boston.

Check it out HERE.

Andrew Drew: Drawing a day blog started on July 17th 2012 in an effort to illustrate my 25th year of being alive and to get me into the habit of making a little work every day. Find it HERE.

TheAbbsMan on DeviantArt: Some of my older work from high school and early college collected. Mostly practice and fan art. See it  HERE.

Down In Front Podcast: A podcast about dudes liking movies sometimes also hating movies. Andrew hosted a podcast within a podcast called Fear Boners that focused on horror movies. Check out the pod HERE. Past Fear Boners episodes can be found over on Twitter.